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    26 augustus 2021 om 14:43

    Cellulose keeps ‘t Centrum warm

    Cellulose is the main insulating material that was used for the façades of ’t Centrum. This type of insulation is made from old, recycled newspapers. Why did the construction team opt for this insulation and what are the advantages? We discuss this in more detail in this article.

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    18 augustus 2021 om 17:06

    Shell insulation as floor insulation at ‘t Centrum

    The construction team opted for shell insulation for the floor insulation at ‘t Centrum. Teun Depreeuw of Ecoschelp explains what this involves.

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    13 augustus 2021 om 13:58

    ’t Centrum opts for CLT

    The circular office building 't Centrum is currently under construction at Kamp C. The supporting structure consists of CLT. Which criteria influenced this choice? Contractor Joeri Beneens explains.

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    8 juli 2021 om 14:10

    ’t Centrum: built with cementless foundations thanks to the Interreg NWE URBCON project

    Kamp C, the Westerlo-based provincial Centre for Sustainability and Innovation in Construction, recently started to build ‘t Centrum on its site at Westerlo. This innovative building combines various principles of sustainable construction to create the first circular office building in Belgium. An innovative learning process which the entire construction industry can draw on for inspiration.

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    5 juli 2021 om 14:48

    ‘t Centrum uses BTES field to heat and cool the building

    ’t Centrum, the circular office building at Kamp C, uses a BTES field. Tenerga, which specialises in renewable thermal energy applications, installed the BTES field. Jan Laga, CEO of Tenerga, explains why this thermal energy system is extremely suited for a circular building and explains the advantages of shallow geothermal energy systems.

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    1 juli 2021 om 15:36

    Consortium members of 't Centrum in their own words

    These are extraordinary times at Kamp C, where construction of 't Centrum, the first circular office building in Flanders, has finally started. Work is underway, with the CLT structure already in place and the exterior joinery and the roof slowly taking shape.

    't Centrum is a realisation of the Kamp Circulair construction consortium, consisting of seven companies and organisations: Beneens general contractors, the TEN engineering consultancy, Streng-th engineers, manufacturer Muurtuin, West Architectuur as architects, geothermal consultancy Tenerga and the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO). 

    We met with the consortium members to discuss their experiences with this new form of cooperation.

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    1 juli 2021 om 15:08

    In the spotlight: the vision behind ‘t Centrum, a circular office building

    Westerlo-based Kamp C has joined forces with a consortium of seven companies to build a flexible, adaptable office building. The partners hope that the building, with its well-thought-through circular design and conscious choice of materials, techniques and innovative business models, will be a catalyst for circular construction in Flanders and beyond. We asked the CEOs and project leaders to share their vision on circular construction and the circular construction consortium.

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    28 juni 2021 om 15:47

    Kamp C: Maypole placed on first circular office building in Flanders

    At the site of Kamp C, the provincial Centre for Sustainability and Innovation in Construction in Westerlo, the first circular office building in Flanders is taking shape. The project is a joint effort by Kamp C and a consortium of 7 companies and organisations. Thanks to its well thought-out circular design and a conscious choice of materials, techniques and innovative business models, the building should become a catalyst for circular building in Flanders and beyond. Construction work on the new building, which will be called ’t Centrum, is currently under way. Today at Kamp C in Westerlo, the maypole was planted on top of the wood structure.